Susannah was a warrior born in 1868. She is the great-great grandmother of Jack Swift and the great grandmother of Becka and Linda Downey. She had a son named Andrew who was also a warrior.

Encounter with Leander HastingsEdit

Susannah was a warrior. However, she was also a pacifist. She didn't believe in fighting and refused to use her gift. She met Leander Hastings in Coalton County. He wanted to train a warrior to win the game. He planned to train her for the game and take control of the hoard, a hoard of magical items. However, when she discovered what he wanted, Susannah wanted nothing to do with him. She felt that running and hiding would be enough to keep her and her son alive. Eventually, she was killed by Leander Hastings for her refusal to fight.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Susannah was 32 when she died. She had long strawberry blonde hair. She, like all warriors seemed to move with atheletic elegance and grace.

Susannah was a pacifist. She had a warrior stone, but she refused to use her talents. She seemed like a generally happy person that everyone would like. In an old family portrait, while Susannah's husband was strict and fierce, Susannah seemed to be trying not to laugh. She is known to have held a grudge against Leander Hastings for killing her. Not because she died-she asked him to kill her- but because she didn't get a chance to see her son grow up. She seems to have a sense of humor. She cheerfully replied to Claude D'Orsay when he said that they would put the rules back the way they were "We've decided we don't like the way they were." She also seems very wise for someone who died so young. Telling Leander to get over his grudge.