Seph McCauley
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Seph McCauley
Gender Male
Eye Color Keleidoscopic
Hair Color Brown
Guild Wizard
Significant Other Madison Moss
Loyalty *Linda Downey
Status Alive
Joseph 'Seph' Mcauley is an immensly powerful wizard. He is the son of Linda Downey and Leander Hastings. He is the main character in The Wizard Heir and a major character in The Dragon Heir.


Linda Downey was working toward ending the Trade alongside Leander Hastings. When their romantic relationship resulted in Linda conceiving a child, she abandoned Leander and went off on her own. Linda knew that her lifestyle of constantly fighting was not appropriate for a child. Therefore, she decided to give the child to a friend, Genevieve LeClerc. However, despite the decision, she could not completely give her son, Joseph, up. She instead became his legal guardian.

Joseph was raised by Genevieve for his entire life. During his time with her, he grew to be deeply religious. When Genevieve died, he began to move around often.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Seph is described as having dark, curly hair, an aquilline nose, and eyes that can blue, green, or gold, depending on the light and his mood. He inherited his father Leander Hastings's looks, with the exception of his eyes, which his friend Jason Haley speculated came from his enchanter mother, Linda Downey.


  • His eyes change color due to his enchanter mother.