Nicodemus Snowbeard


American; Ohio




Silver Bear, Trinity


Wizard, Housekeeper



Hair Color

Gray, once Red-Gold

Eye Color



Jack Swift, Seph McCauley, Lady Aidan Ladhra, Madison Moss, Ellen Stephenson, Trinity, Ohio, The Silver Bear, Linda Downey, more...


Gregory Leicester, Claud D'Orsay, Jessamine Longbranch, The Roses, Geoffrey Wylie, More...

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Nicodemus Snowbeard, previously known as Demus Hawk, was the first wizard ever. He lived in an apartment in Jackson Swift's house. He posed as a housekeeper to watch Jack Swift. He was Joseph Mcauley' s trainer in The Wizard Heir. In The Dragon Heir, he was a valuable weapon in the war against the Roses.


Demus Hawk, an ambitious young wizard, led a conspiracy against Lady Aidan Dadhra. He saw no reason to answer to the dragon, and wrote The Covenant, which put all of the power into the hands of wizards. He then designed The Game, a tournament to stop innocent Anaweir from dying in the battles of Weir.

The CovenantEdit

Demus Hawk wrote The Covenant to place power in the hands of wizards, rather than Anawizard Weir or Lady Aidan. With the help of some confederates, he convinced representatives of the guilds to sign, and persuaded the nation of wizards that magical disaster would strike if they did not adhere to it. The Game that the covenant created saved thousands of lives, yet killed hundreds, or perhaps thousands of warriors.


Demus Hawk became smitten with a warrior in the early 19th century. He bore one son, a warrior. Despite efforts to conceal the boy, The Roses took him for the game. Demus's own creation caused him to give up his son. However, his son must have survived The Game, as he lived to sire the many-greats grandparent of Susannah Downey.


Several hundred years later, Linda Downey persuaded Nicodemus Snowbeard to watch his very great-grandson. Nicodemus moved into an apartment over Jack's garage, and tutored him in school, and eventually wizardry. He acted as a caretaker for the Swifts' home.


Nicodemus Snowbeard Died shortly after the Seige of Trinity. He was buried at Dragon's Ghyll to rest in peace along with Lady Aidan Dadhra.