Linda Downey is an enchanter, sister of Becka Downey and aunt of Jack Swift . She escaped from the Trade and incited rebellion throughout the servant guilds under the name the Dragon.


Litlle is known about Linda's childhood. It is known that she has a sister named Becka, to whom she was very close to. At an unknown time, she was taken to the Trade, a black market run by wizards that sell members of the servant guilds. She was part of the trade for several years. However, she was eventally freed by Leander Hastings. The two worked together to free other members of the servant guilds. They also formed a romantic relationship. Several years after they got together, Linda abandoned Leander because she fell pregnant with his child. She knew that he would never support her plan to give it up, knowing he would want to hold on to the only family he had left-his son. Due to this, she went to the sorcerer, Genevieve LeClerc, to help her through the pregnancy.

After the baby was born, Linda asked Genevieve to look after her son, Joseph McCauley. She didn't want to give Seph up, but knew that her life was too hectic for a child. Still, she couldn't completely give him up. She had all of his report cards sent to her and became his legal guardian.

While this was going on, Linda's sister, Becka, had her first child. The child was born a wizard, but was weirflesh, without a stone. Linda then contacted Jessamine Longbranch to implant a stone in Jack. Dr. Longbranch did implant a stone, but it was a warrior stone, not a wizard. She then wanted to take Jack away, but Linda convinced her otherwise.

For sixteen years, she traveled all over the world, sending Jack birthday presents and watching over Seph. She visited Jack randomly throughout his life. Then, on one of her visits, she told Jack that she needed his help. The rest is in The Warrior Heir

Personality and TraitsEdit

Linda is very kind and caring. However, she is also very wild and likes to make the rules up as she goes along. She tends to take risks, but knows when to stop. She loved her son Seph, but she knew that he wouldn't have a stable home with her. She felt that loving him from afar was better then putting him in danger by being near him. She loves to go on adventures. She always sent Jack gifts from places that she visited, like Africa.

Linda is an enchanter. She is especially powerful, even having the power to manipulate an entire room full of wizards. She has displayed the ability to convince people to do whatever it is that she wants without them understanding why they did it afterwards. Despite her manipulative ways, she did tell Jack that she isn't sorry about who she is.