He is the trainer of Jack Swift when Linda assigned him to help Jack but soon takes Jack to participate in the tournament to make peace in the Weir.  In the Wizard Heir, he is revealed that he is Seph's father.

Preceding the main events of the Warrior HeirEdit

Leander Hastings, at that time called Lee, witnessed the attack on his family, a plot organized by Geoffrey Wylie. Most of his family was murdered, and his sister Carrie was kidnapped.

The Warrior HeirEdit

In the Warrior Heir, he is the new vice principal in Jack Swift's school. He was sent to watch over Jack and make sure that no attacks, such as the one brought upon by Alicia Middleton. He teaches Jack how to fight, seemingly to defend himself from the wizards, but actually to use him in the tournament for the control over the Wizard Council.