Jonah Kinlock is a main character in Enchanter Heir and is an Enchanter savant (someone with a modified weir stone). He is a Thorn Hill survivor and a former assassin of Nightshade. He is also a student at Anchorage and has a brother named Kenzie. Kenzie is Jonah's only remaining family member since both his parents, and his younger sitser were killed at Thorn Hill.


As an Enchanter, he can make someone feel unimaginable levels of lust, desire, and passion. He can also convince someone to do anything he wants. He is an empath, meaning he can sense and understand the emotions of others. As a savant, he can kill someone with physical contact such as a touch or kiss. Also as a result of his modified Weir Stone, he is physically stronger, faster, and more agile than a regular human being.

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