Jessamine Longbranch
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Procurer of Warriors for the White Rose
Name Jessamine Longbranch
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Guild Wizard
Significant Other None Mentioned
Loyalty White Rose
Status Deceased

Jessamine Longbranch is a wizard affiliated with the White Rose. She is a heart surgeon that is stationed in London as well. She is the Procurer of Warriors for the White Rose. This means that she is the one that hunts down warriors to be played in the Game by the White Rose.


Jessamine Longbranch was called upon to treat Jack Swift. He was weirflesh, wizard born without a stone. Therefore, Jessamine was asked to implant one. However, she decied to implant a warrior stone to see what would happen. The surgery was a success and Jessamine planned to kidnap Jack to train him as a warrior to be played in the Game. However, she was stopped by the enchanter Linda Downey. Linda convinced her that Jack's parents would be better at raising him. Therefore, Jessamine left without the child.

Jessamine had minimal contact with Jack Swift after that. She came to Trinity a few times every year to check on him. In that time, she stressed the importance of taking the medicine that she gave him. This medicine was weirsbane, a substance that suppresses a weirstone's powers.

Death and Demise Edit

Jessamine Longbranch was turned into Anaweir by Madison Moss (also the Lady). Moss drew away the power from Jessamine's Weirstone, turning her into Anaweir in The Dragon Heir.

It is stated in The Enchanter Heir that Jessamine is killed by Jonah Kinlock.