Jason Haley is a wizard who starred in The Wizard Heir and The Dragon Heir. Jason was the only person other than Seph to never submit to Gregory Leicester's offer to join the alumni. Jason's father was killed by Leicester when he came to get Jason out of the Havens. Jason's favorite amulet is the dyrne sefa. It allows him to turn unnoticable and invisible and to have his soul transferred to his Weirstone.

The Wizard HeirEdit

Jason was first discovered by the reader, while he was unnoticable; taking Seph away from the alumni of the Havens to get him protection. Once Jason was able to take Seph to a secluded spot, he gave Seph a meeting location, where they could talk together in private. Later on, Seph meets Jason in his room, a room located in the lower grounds of a building. The room was meant for him to be secluded from the other students, as Jason's appearence would arouse suspicion by the other students.

The Dragon HeirEdit


Jason died during the siege at Trinity while fighting with D'Orsay. Jason had flame sent through him, almost cutting him in two. He was buried in the churchyard at St. Catherine's, his mother's amulet in his hands. His friends raised a stone, and on it was engraved Draca Heorte, Dragonheart. Mercedes and Leesha planted rosemary, for rememberance, and vines climbed over his stone, and flowers bloomed summer and winter over his grave.